River side panic


I can agree that that empty cube has probably felt solace more in its life time than it would like to grace on a comforted world, and I would doubly like to add that filling it’s seating with personality was great, but the loss of the embodiment of being together hurts us both. However I should say that if this square heart should take form it would rather be a triangle and that if being broken is what it takes to be cool I should inform you that I am beyond repair. For this is and always will be a slow lark looking at the world from beyond the eyes of man, and it’s opened its windows to hope, friends, and women. Whose dreams are laying down spread, and casting their curtains over me. The lark shines down on the nomads and gypsies dotting the comfort of the sky with bright signals of guidance, so as this lark continues it will show me its wisdom. Testing my conscious with heavier things, but as long as I remain among the breathing I will pass. Until I find my final resting place within the comfort of the sky, and I will always be out there shining my rays of wisdom and guidance upon the oceans and upon the nomads and gypsies, so they can continue their soft march a little safer each time.